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Pressure Points 

Sensitive spots of the human body

The crucial spots of the body
We have listed the vital spots of the body below in a table. If you meet these spots of the body with the necessary strength, technique and accuracy, these results lead to partial paralysis whereby the opponent is set yet at the same time suspended. These attacks on the nervous system causing nausea, headaches, or cause serious complications.

This list of areas of the body are just a few of many. The more experienced a ASLANDO student is, the more he learns about the body and the other areas.
Of course, these areas are not taught, so you should add another human damage. However, it is useful to know the areas where a risk to your life and limb or someone else is, so that you can the danger or the enemy override effectively and quickly. Say, in a "self-defense situation-age" *. This also contributes to the benefit of the attacker, for example, instead of 20 punches, of which he is green and blue, the attacker may get only a few small wounds and is still suspended.

The effects of light hits and direct hits, which are dependent on the applied force during execution, with the numbers 1 - 5 expressed ascending

Mild pain: 1
Moderate pain: 2
Severe or unbearable pain: 3
Fainting or temporary paralysis: 4
Deadly: 5
On the body there are 280 such spots
These are usually at the:
A.) head face
B) body front
C) Solid back
We mention only a few of these spots

The head face has 13 major spots:
Region number field Name Rating
easily review
1 On Head 2 4
2 front 2 4
3 temple 2 4
4 zygomatic bone (cheekbone) 2 4
5 carotid artery 3 5
6 lower neck area 3 5
7 Under eyebrow 2 4
8 Right between both eyes 2 4
9 Eyeball 2.3 4.5
10 between the nose and upper lip 1.2 3.4
11 chin 2 4
12 chin 2 4
13 throat 3 5

The front of the body has 13 major spots:
Region number field Name Rating
easily review
1 chest 2 4
2 abdominal cavity starting point 3 5
3 abdominal cavity 3 5
4 Right in the belly 2 4
5 thighs near scrotum 2 4
6 center of the top of the foot 2 4
7 breast 1 3
8 loin 2 4

* It should be noted that in an emergency the police is always first to agree on the 110. If this is not possible, assign, if possible, your attacker out that you are a martial artist and pull at the latest after you are safe and your attacker can hardly achieve anything, the police added. In the context of self defense situations or emergencies enabled, please refer to Section 16, Section 32, Section 33, Section 34 of the Criminal Code; §227, §228, §904 BGB and § 15 OwiG out.