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All News » Aslando - Seminar in Belgium-Brussels


On September 21th Aslando seminar took place in Belgium-Brussels.
Was a guest of the World Aslando Federation President Grandmaster Mikail Çetiner as well as many other instructors. At 09:00 clock in the morning, started internally the technology seminar for instructors.

At 13:00 clock the seminar started for all attending students. This was open to all students and also for those interested. At the seminar in Brussels nearly 70 people who participated. At the seminar starting positions, defense techniques and weapons handling were trained. Furthermore, many techniques have been carried out for focus formation and teamwork. But not only training was in the foreground: But also have dinner together made ​​for a pleasant climate and strengthened the friendships in the group.
The Aslando team is looking forward to the next event in Belgium.

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