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History and Origins

It has proven itself in other war and defense arts and we are trying to introduce it to the world as an ancestral martial art by being developed by us. In our system, not only the technique, but also the way the technique is used is very important. It is an important factor that the technique is applicable in real life, not fancy and flashy. It should be easy enough to have a fixed reaction in technical logical comprehension, it should not have very complex and overwhelming features.

Aslando is a Turkish War and Defense Art, which is the way of protection and preservation, based on Central Asia, Turkish culture and historical motifs, social structure, economic structure, aesthetic dimension, information was gathered and methods were brought together. It carries many features of 5000 years of Turkish Culture. Both the outstanding success of our ancestors on the battlefields, as well as the fighting stance of our ancestors, their warriors and bravery. Although Aslando's roots go back thousands of years, the fact that it is a constantly developing and changing Turkish War and Defense Art is its main feature that distinguishes it from others. Mikail Ali ÇETİNER, the founder of Aslando, with the energy and experience of starting his sports activities at the age of 4, has rolled up his sleeves to introduce an ancestral martial art to the world, such as wrestling, our valuable ancestral sport, by signing a new first in Turkish history full of wars (Aslando) . He took the principle of benefiting from the strength of his opponent without resisting his strong opponents, and laid the foundation of a new defense art, which is defined as the chance of the weak against the strong. Mikail Ali ÇETİNER, the founder of Aslando, was born in 1979 and took his first step into the world of sports in 1983 with training in Taekwondo Hapkido, one of the Korean martial arts. Later in 1985, he continued Karate - Aikido, one of the Japanese martial arts under the same roof. He had received an intensive education and participated in all kinds of educational activities as much as possible.

When he started to achieve outstanding success in the competitions between children, he continued Thai-Boxing Kick-Boxing sports with the consent of his family, so he studied Far East sports every day of the week without having any free time. Countless of them participated in the competitions and achieved degrees. Among these degrees, the highest degrees were the world free fight championships. He has been involved in sports research in various countries of the world. He is a martial and martial arts expert recognized in Turkey and internationally.
This movement started in Turkey in 2000 and continued in Austria in 2001. Aslando is currently being studied in 16 countries in total.

If we describe Aslando with its main qualities; These qualities are technical, as well as taking into account historical, cultural and traditional factors.

In prehistoric times, we see the existence of the type of sport performed with hand and foot strokes, which is depicted in Sumerian, Hittite, and Egyptian wall decorations and documents. More recently, we know that in Central Asian Turks, Seljuks and Ottomans, kicking sports were practiced under the names such as kicking, and they were used in military training.

Turkish tribes, who brought the Chinese in the west and the Romans in the east to their knees, had a great martial art according to the conditions of that time, at least as much as today's contemporary combat sports. If we make an evaluation at this point, interesting results emerge. The warriors raised by the Turkish tribes used all kinds of war weapons perfectly, they successfully applied close combat and unarmed fighting methods. It is known that the wars of that period were based on manpower. Sword, dagger, spear, shield, mace, sledgehammer, chain, etc. While the warriors fighting with weapons should know very well how to use these war tools, they also had to know unarmed close combat well since they often had to fight unarmed.

It is to contribute to the unity and solidarity of the Turkish Nation, all the historical and cultural elements, activities and events. Our biggest goal is to support the unity and solidarity with the Turkic Republics, to ensure the spread of Turkish war and defense art abroad, and to make the name of Turkey and Turks more popular. For example, our oil wrestling started after the Turks came to Anatolia. However, our wrestling in Central Asia is aba, belt and kurash wrestling. Our oil wrestling started as an activity 643 years ago, and today it has become a part of our culture. Turkish war and defense art "ASLANDO" is the way, method and practices of reaching physical, mental, moral and spiritual disciplines. Aslando is an art of wit. It combines the elements of rhythm, softness, quickness, agility, reflex and concentration.

If we look at our history, it has raised hundreds of thinkers, philosophers, commanders and heroes. From Mete Han to today....