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He has proven himself in other war and defense arts and is trying to introduce it to the world as an ancestral martial art by being developed by Mikail Ali Çetiner. In the Aslando system, not only the technique but also the way the technique is used is very important. It is an important factor that the technique is applicable in real life, not fancy and flashy. In technical logical understanding, there is a principle that it should be easy to have a fixed reaction, and it should not have very complex and overwhelming features.

Aslando has various training programs. At Aslando, students are taught the concepts of accuracy, courtesy, patience, tolerance, love and respect throughout the education process. Aslando gives training to develop intelligence, examines moral feelings. Thus, it develops feelings of self-confidence, self-control, and concentration (collection of thought at one point). When Aslando techniques are applied correctly, they can block any type or form of attack. In addition, Aslando techniques can be applied effectively against both one and more attackers. Aslando is taught in a specific way. Thus, by working over and over again, all the important points of the movement become reflexes. This reflex is more than enough for a person to protect himself in a critical situation, without brute force.

Aslando is the technical training to protect yourself as soon as possible. It provides success in the physical and spiritual field by coming face to face with the real struggle. It is a real protection system outside (on the street) where other security methods are insufficient. There are systems that can be easily applied in defense against a group of men and women, children, young and old individuals who need to protect themselves, with or without tools.

His philosophy actually lies in the meaning of the word. As long as the person has to, he should fight and fight like a lion, otherwise he should not get into arguments and go astray. Aslando literally consists of two words, "Aslan" (defined as the strongest animal of the land) and "Do" means the road, that is, the way of the lion. It should be known that in the animal kingdom, no animal attacks another animal arbitrarily. By causing animals to attack, they either need to feel in danger or want to hunt. Aslandoers, on the other hand, use Aslando not for hunting, but only to protect themselves.

As it comes from its nobility, when the lion animal roars, nothing can resist it and prefers not to encounter it. In the current environment we live in, it has become inevitable for every soldier to be able to defend himself.