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Turkey Martial Arts

Drawing attention as a sport developed with professional techniques, Aslando is becoming more and more popular with its unique techniques. Although it is among the combat sports, it is not enough to call Aslando just a combat sport. Aslandocu does not use brute force. Nor does he do the ordinary martial arts moves. Rather than suppressing his opponent's power, he uses his power to protect himself with the logical technician. Those who prefer Aslando as a domestic combat sport are provided with quality and comprehensive training in all aspects. How to quickly fight with more than one person at the same time is within the scope of Aslando training. During the training process, in addition to defensive movements, concepts such as counted, courtesy and understanding are taught, bringing the Turkish martial arts experience to a completely different point.

Among the Turkish patented martial arts, Aslando has many features that distinguish it from other sports. The most prominent among them is that it is a tactical and technical sport. The concepts of endurance, resilience, agility, intelligence and motivation are all handled together during Aslando training. Aiming at minimizing the risk of injury while protecting himself with professional techniques, Turkish martial arts provide both physical and psychological improvement in individuals. Anyone who wishes can take the Aslando training, which is given in a way that will provide physical and spiritual motivation by using hands and feet, according to their own needs. Aslando is the best choice for those looking for a difference in sports and those who want to take local martial arts lessons with different techniques rather than monotonous movements.