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Turkish Martial Art Aslando

Aslando aims to protect people by using domestic and national defense techniques. Aslando is one of Turkey's patented martial arts with its comprehensive content where not only hands and feet but also all techniques can be learned if needed. Aslando, the best combat sport, teaches individuals to protect themselves with special techniques, while aiming to motivate them mentally and physically. Contrary to popular belief, Aslando is not a brute force sport. It is based on techniques, tactics. It stands out with its useful techniques for people to express themselves. Anyone can take the Aslando training, which enables the person to both defend himself and be assertive and agile. Aslando techniques are taught to beat even very strong opponents with ingenuity.

Among the domestic martial arts, Aslando is known as a sport based on the easiest techniques to learn. With the Aslando training, Turkish Martial Arts Federation aims to distance people from the dangers they face without experiencing violent physical conflicts. With its clearest definition, Aslando can be said to be the combined use of body and intelligence against dangers. Turkish martial arts Aslando training, which includes different techniques from different combat sports, is given on the basis of courtesy. Anyone who wishes can take Aslando training to improve their self-confidence, express themselves more easily and easily resist dangers. With Aslando training, which is the best combat sport that allows people to quickly eliminate violence against themselves with the use of logic, individuals who are beneficial to the society are raised.