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Turkish Martial Arts Federation

Turkish martial arts federation trains high quality and talented athletes within the scope of combat sports. People who are looking for a martial arts course can choose Aslando for combat sports. The Turkish martial art Aslando stands out with its structure that teaches all techniques as a whole among self-defense sports. You can learn many techniques based on mental and physical strength on martial arts in Aslando training. Those looking for a martial arts course in Ankara can experience a different martial arts training with Aslando, which is taught to everyone, women, men and children. In Aslando, the hands and feet are used in half. In addition to this, the mental and physical development of individuals is also targeted.

The question of what is the best martial arts in Turkey can be answered by Aslando, which is based on courtesy rather than brute force. Aslando training allows people to get rid of all unnecessary and disturbing details and relax. It also encourages people to think quickly and wisely. Grouping for Aslando training, which is highly preferred among domestic and national defense sports with its practical and effective techniques, is made according to the level of the individuals. Martial arts philosophy has found its full meaning with Aslando. The Turkish martial art Aslando, which teaches how to use intelligence, speed and power at the same time in a balanced way, while avoiding fatal blows, is becoming more and more popular in our country. The Turkish Aslando Federation, which is related to the sports branch in which technique and the way it is used is of great importance, has brought many talented athletes in our country so far.